Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available.
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Purchase & Payments

Please note, prices are subject to change without notice on future litters. Our contracts were revised and uploaded to the website on 12-23-14, please review them.

Prices & Definitions
Unless noted differently, our puppy prices are as below.

Full Registration - $800 OR $1,100 Depending on Parents of Litter - AKC Registered with full breeding & show rights.

Limited Registration - $650 - AKC Registered, but you are required to spay/neuter at your expense. Dog may not be shown in conformation classes at AKC shows.  Any pups from said dog can not be registered with AKC or any other registry.  Any breeding of a dog sold on Limited Registration is subject to a fine of $1,500 as per our contract as it is a breech in the contract.

Deposit - $200 - Required to hold a puppy, non-refundable, but may be transferred to another puppy.  Buyer is responsible for paying the difference in cost should a puppy from a future litter be priced higher than the current litter.  Please note, by placing a deposit, you are agreeing to all terms within our contract.  Please review our contract before you place your deposit.

Microchip - Starting 5/01/14 all puppies born here at TCK are microchipped before they go home.  You are responsible for registering your puppy’s microchip.  Please review the information in your puppy packet for details on how to register the microchip.

Boarding - $50 per week - Plus any additional expenses or costs due to any situation that may arise.  Dog food must be supplied by dog’s owner.

Repeat Buyer Program - IF buying 2 puppies at the same time you get a $50.00 discount off each puppy, or if you a repeat customer, you will get $50.00 off any additional puppy purchased from us.

Payment Options

To the right are the PayPal options, you can pay a deposit, pay the balance due if you have paid a deposit, or you can purchase a puppy outright.  You can purchase a microchip there as well.  Below that is an option for PayPal payment for shipping your puppy.  At this time, we are only able to accept credit cards via PayPal.  Other payment options would be to send the funds via Wal-mart MoneyGram, WesternUnion (US Bank Athens, WI) or Postal (USPS) MoneyOrder.  PayPal is the easiest way to guarantee your funds arrive in the shortest amount of time possible.  We have included the fee charged by PayPal in the total, so a $200 deposit will show up as $207, etc.  Please include the parents names & the puppy name, then click to add it to your cart.  You can make multiple deposits at the same time if you wish.  Just continue shopping.

Shipping is ONLY available with Full Rights on an approved basis at this time

Ground Shipping - $275 & up for pups up to 6 months old - $300 and up for dogs over 6 months of age.  This is a door to door service. Ground shipping takes time to arrange, and is dependant on the schedule of the shipper contracted for each delivery.

Shipping Via Delta Airlines - $450 (puppies only) - Continental US only, Alaska, Hawaii & Out of Country Extra.  We fly our puppies via Delta Airlines.  Delta offers two key programs, Pet First & Summer Live Animal Program which means they offer shipping year round utilizing climate controlled vehicles and strict protocols to ensure the pet has the best possible care during transport.  We fly out of Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA) in Mosinee, WI which is the closest airport to us, and still a 45 minute drive for us.

VIP Shipping - $550 - Some locations offer only VIP shipping.

NOTE: Shipping is NOT required, we welcome you to pick up your puppy in person. Also, we can ship two pups at the same time in the same crate provided they are going to the same location and meet the weight restrictions at time of shipping.  This will more than shipping a single pup, due to increased size of the crate & additional fees at the airport.  This generally runs $100 - $150 more than shipping one pup.

Puppy Deposit
Choose your shipping preference.
Registration Type
Parents (Ex. Stormy/Trystan)
Puppy Name (Ex. StormT-1)

Please note, by placing a deposit, you are agreeing to all terms within our contract or on our website. Please review our full website & contract before you place your deposit.  We require a signed contract before the puppy is allowed to leave TCK.  No Cash Refunds. Exchange Only.  At no time is TCK responsible for your veterinary, medical or property damage bills occurring once the puppy has left TCK’s care. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone, regardless if they have paid a non-refundable deposit this includes anyone charged or convicted of any type of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. Any individual found guilty of any type of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect that has prior trade contract shall consider all terms of that contract VOID.

Purchase Puppy In Full
Parents (Ex. Stormy/Trystan)
Puppy Name (Ex. StormT-1)
Payment Towards Balance Due
Parents (Ex. Stormy/Trystan)
Puppy Name (Ex. StormT-1)