Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available. WI State Kennel License #271765-DS
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Here at TCK we are very proud of the wonderful dogs we have found to bring into our program. We have been blessed to find some outstanding individuals. While we are aware that not all of our dogs have perfect conformation, they have wonderful temperaments which they pass on to their offspring. We have been steadily working to expand our program by bringing in youngsters that we hope to show in the future. All of our dogs are AKC registered.

Introducing Our Pack

On this page, we highlight the wonderful girls we have here at TCK.  These are our current dams and the young ladies that are the future of our program. Our girls are not allowed to have a litter closer together than 6 months from birth to birth, meaning no more than two litters within a 12 month period. We feel that they deserve sufficient time between whelping to recover fully. We do not breed our girls before they are at least two years of age. We feel this is important for the health of our girls. They need to grow up fully before they have pups themselves.

Our Girls

Our Boys

We are thrilled to present our boys!  We strove to find sires with decent conformation and pedigrees that compliment our girls.

Starting in 2011 we are offering outside breeding to registered Siberian Huskies only. See our contract for more details. Our young males are not available for breeding until they come of age.

Family Pets

Our beloved pets.

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