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Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available.
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In Loving Memory

Aspen Storm II

December 05, 2008 - July 10, 2016

Aspen joined TCK in Nov 2014.  She blessed us with one litter during her time here.  She passed away in her sleep.   She was just examined by the vet June 22, 2016 with no issues apparent.  So this has caught us all off guard. This sweetheart is missed already.  Run free dear Aspen!

Night-Owls Manson

June 18, 2006 - June 22, 2016

Mason joined TCK Nov 2014, when he arrived he was very ill with a severe prostate & bladder infection. We cleared up the infection, but it destroyed his ability to sire pups.  Mason’s last and a half of life was filled with outdoor playtime, girlfriends, loads of toys & as much love as we could provide.  We noticed that he was starting to have troubles so we had him examined.  The damaged area had cancer set in and it was spreading. We made the difficult decision to lay him to rest rather than let him suffer any pain.  He is greatly missed!

Princess Nikita Morning Star of TCK
Sept 16, 2010 - March 17, 2015

Nikita is greatly missed here at TCK, her time of crossing the Rainbow Bridge was way too soon. She was a part of the family, she is the first dog we ever showed.
She kept the pack in line, was Bill’s seizure alert dog as well as his ESA, She was even trained to carry his oxygen tanks in a special harness during trips. She will always be missed and can never be replaced in our hearts.  Her daughter, Mae is starting to learn the ropes and has begun alerting when Bill has a seizure.

Silvermoon’s Poison Ivy
January 10, 2011 - February 12, 2014

Ivy’s passing was sudden and very unexpected. The day before she passed, she blessed us with 9 beautiful puppies.  She had an uncorrectable electrolyte imbalance from delivering 9 puppies in 3.5 hours.  This caused a heart attack.  There is NO genetic cause to her passing. Those pups were all successfully hand raised to carry on in her name. I miss playing fetch with my loving Ivy.  One of her puppies, Angel lives here at TCK and has continued in her Mother’s paw prints have blessed us with 8 stunning pups Spring 2016.

Dakota Rising Sun

Dec 7, 2006 - Aug 24, 2013

Our sweet, sweet boy Dakota passed across the Rainbow Bridge after suffering complications from a collapsing trachea that was caused by an injury to his trachea prior to his coming to live at TCK.  He is very missed and we so wish that we’d have had more time with him.  His son, Raven lives on here and has sired some wonderful litters for us. It is a comfort to know that his spirit lives on in our pack.

With the joy of bringing puppies into the world and sharing them with families from all over USA, we do have sad times as well.  Those that have been here and adopted a puppy from us, know that our dogs are part of our family.  Each is loved and accepted for their own personalities.  We do our best to ensure that they are spoiled with treats, toys & loads of love.  Even with the best of care, we sometimes are forced to part ways as we guide one of our family to the Rainbow Bridge.