Raising AKC Siberian Huskies in the Heart of Wisconsin. Puppies occasionally available. WI State Kennel License #271765-DS
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We are open by appointment only.
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Our Facility

About our place, we have our “Nursery”, an indoor kennel building that is insulated and has 5 kennel areas.  The entire nursery is heated during the winter months (70-80 degrees), during the summer we remove the windows and supply fans to keep it even cooler, even on the hottest days it doesn’t get over 80. Attached to the nursery is an outdoor run that is 8' x 36', we call this our “Puppy Run”.   In 2014 we embarked on a major remodel in the nursery. Everything was ripped out and 5 new kennels were installed complete with whelping areas with raised floor under the whelping areas. This project is still underway with painting to hopefully be started by the middle of December 2014.  Nursery Walk Through (12/02/14)

In addition to the Nursery & Puppy Run, we have various outdoor kennel runs & housing areas.  Those include the 25’ x 40’ exercise run, a 10’ x 10’ quarantine kennel, plus a group of various sized kennels that are attached to each other.  Please see the schematic of the kennel group for full details on those kennels.  It is included in the photo gallery below.  Video Walk Through (9/24/14)

All of the outdoor kennels have housing, shade during the summer and wind protection during the winter months.  During the summer months we also provide our outdoor runs with pools or the like so that they can play in the water to cool off when it is hot. Crushed granite footing is in each kennel to help keep them clean & dry. The video above shows them set up for the winter.

Our Facility

Photos of our kennels and our nursery.